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What Is Moon Water And How To Make Your Own

Moon water can be such a versatile tool in your craft when it comes to spells, setting intentions, and manifestations! 

Astrology is a big factor in witchcraft, and the moon is known to be powerful. I mean, she controls a lot of our gravity, pulls the ocean, and magnetization of the Earth’s poles … We’d be crazy not to acknowledge her power. Moon water is a simple way that you can harness that powerful and beautiful energy and use it within your practices. 

What is Moon Water?

Moon water is… well, exactly that. It’s water that you’ve charged with intent under the moon. As a standalone, it’s a type of lunar spellwork

Depending on the phases of the moon and your intent, however, it can be useful in so many other ways. 

What Can I Use Moon Water For? 

Honestly, moon water can be used for anything! In Witchy Self Care I recommend throwing some in your bathwater, even. But at the end of the day, it’s really up to you.

Some people drink it when manifesting, others use it as part of their skincare routine, and some people even keep it on hand just for when the time arises and it’ll fit in their spell (it’s me… I’m some people). 

If you’re interested in more spells check out Spells to Use Your Moon Water In.

How Do I Make Moon Water?

Now, the part you came here for, let’s make some moon water

Moon water is probably one of the best ways to practice your craft, and definitely one of the easiest! 

What You Need: 

  • Glass vessel (bottle, jar, cup, etc) 
  • Water! It’s best to use distilled water, especially if you’re planning to drink it or use it for your skin. Springwater, or water from a river, ocean, or pond near you is also an awesome option but just not for ingestion! Sometimes I collect rainwater and use it as well. 
  • Pen and paper (optional) 
  • Lid or Plastic Wrap (or some other type of seal for your jar) 
  • Crystals (optional) 
  • The Moon (duh!)

Let’s get to it. 

Understanding the Moon Part

The moon phases play a big part in your ritual. Understanding the moon phases can be the key to making the most out of your moon water. Your water will be most charged under a full or new moon, but realistically you can make moon water any night that the moon is out. 

The New Moon is all about setting your intentions, and it’s my favorite time to make moon water because I find it works the best for me. Moon water made under the New Moon is best for self-care, love, and manifestation rituals. 

The Full Moon is a time to count your blessings and be thankful for them. It’s also a time to release anything in your life that is no longer serving you. When making moon water under this moon, it’s used best in energy dismissals, cleansing, and renewal rituals

Another thing to keep in mind is the weather! If it’s a cloudy night out, that can affect your intentions and the strength of your moon water. If it’s windy out, you’ll want to make sure that your water is grounded and in a place where it can’t be scattered (speaking from experience). When you plan out your moon water ritual, be sure to check the forecast, too. 

Understanding the moon’s phases and its impact on your rituals can help you in every aspect of your craft, but it shines the most in spells that directly involve the moon. 

Making Moon Water

After you’ve decided when to make it, it’s time to prep for it! 

A clear glass jar is recommended because it’s more environmentally friendly, the moon can “touch” the water better that way, and trust me on this, it’s really pretty. Keep in mind that you’ll want to seal your moon water when it’s done charging, so something that you can cover or has a lid is also ideal. 

Once you’ve chosen your jar(s) and collected your water according to how you want to use your moon water, the hardest part is over. 

The next step is getting ready a little before the moon is out. This is when you’ll set your water out, and cast your intentions. Personally, I write out my intentions and fold them under the jar of water I’m charging. This also helps me label my moon water and use each jar a little differently. Make sure you’re mindful of your intentions, and appreciative of the moon while you do so, this will ensure the best outcome. 

You can set your water outside under the moon, but you can also set it on a windowsill that you know gets a good amount of moonlight. Being as connected to the Universe and Earth as possible makes your spells more efficient and powerful. I like to set my jar in a small burrow of dirt in my yard, so it’s grounded and in tune with nature while it’s charging. 

To increase intention and set clearer ones, you can also keep crystals around or in your moon water while it charges. Keep in mind that some crystals are water-soluble, so they may go missing if you try to charge them in your water! 

Do your research and see which crystals reflect your intentions the best. I normally just lay a selenite wand next to my water as it charges just to keep a cleansing energy near. However, depending on the spells that you intend to use your moon water for, you may find crystals will help tremendously. Another benefit of this is that your crystals can be recharged and cleansed under the moon, too. Even if you don’t want the intentions to entangle, a moon charge is good for your crystals… Might as well! 

The next morning, collect your moon water and seal it. When I charge mine, I use a vase so I rely on good ‘ole cling wrap and a rubber band or hair tie to keep it safe. Keep your moon water sealed until you’re ready to use it, or transfer it to smaller containers to use in doses. 

What’s your favorite way to use your moon water? Let me know below! Mine is making rose water for self-love spells & skin care.