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What is Intention? The Power Behind Purposeful Thought

In our quest for self-improvement and spiritual growth, the term “intention” often surfaces. But what is intention really? And why does it hold such transformative power in our lives? Take a moment to explore the essence of intent, tracing back its roots and admiring its profound impacts.


At the core, intentions are purposeful thoughts. Formally known as “a directed consciousness aimed at achieving a specific outcome or state of being”. It’s not just a wish or a distant dream; it’s a commitment to a mindset anchored in clarity and focus.

The History

Throughout history, various cultures have recognized the potency of intention. From ancient spiritual rituals to contemporary mindfulness practices, intention has always been the driving force behind meaningful actions and transformations. This practice factors in numerous other rituals you may take part in along your spiritual journey. Therefore, having curiosity and understanding will transform both your personal and spiritual lives.

The Science

Recent studies suggest that setting clear intentions can indeed reshape our brains. Neuroplasticity, when simply phrased, is the brain’s ability to reorganize itself. This organization process is determined by our thoughts, influences, and emotions. When we channel focused intention, we’re actively rewiring our brain, fostering positive behaviors and habits based on that intent.

When actively rewiring our thoughts and actions, we are training our subconscious to respond to all facets of life in that way. Although adding intent to everyday life is a simple practice, science shows that it has the potential to be extremely transformative when practiced correctly.

Differentiating Between Intentions and Goals

Goals outline what we want to achieve, and intentions define the ‘why’ behind these objectives. For instance, a goal might be to practice meditation daily, but the underlying intent could be to cultivate inner peace and mindfulness. This distinction emphasizes the deeper emotional and spiritual motivations driving our actions. For more on this, consider exploring manifestation rituals, which are methods of turning intentions into reality.

While goals and intent are not interchangeable, they are complementary. Think of your intent as the entirety of a goal process. It encapsulates the motivation, action, and mindset behind your overarching goals.

The Role of Intention in Spiritual Practices

Spiritual practices across the globe recognize the central role of intent:

  • Meditation: While meditating, intent steers the mind, determining the meditation’s focus, be it gratitude, love, or healing. Our guide on how to meditate offers deeper insights into the practice and methods behind meditating.
  • Manifestation and the Law of Attraction: These concepts revolve around the power of intent. By aligning our thoughts and energies with our intentions, we can attract similar vibrations from the universe. 
  • Tarot Reading: When consulting tarot, set clear intent to guide the reading. This ensures the messages are in alignment with the seeker’s query. Learn more about the synergy between tarot and intention in our guide. 

Setting and Living with Intention

There are three main steps to creating intent.

1. Reflect: Understand your inner desires and motivations. Ask yourself questions that dig deeper to the root of who you are and who you are meant to be.

2. Articulate: Frame your intention positively and clearly. This step is similar to creating and practicing positive affirmations.

3. Revisit: Regularly remind yourself of your intentions, integrating them into daily life. This step is ongoing and can be done in conjunction with nearly any other spiritual practice.

For more in-depth guidance, check out Intention Setting: Manifesting Your Goals with Purpose.

Impact on Personal Growth and Well-being

Living with intention leads to a more aligned, purposeful life. Many report enhanced well-being, deeper connections, and a heightened sense of purpose when they live in harmony with their intentions.

When we pose the question, “What is intention?”, we’re embarking on a profound exploration into the heart of human existence. Intention is not just a concept; it’s a dynamic force that actively molds our actions, experiences, and the realities we inhabit. Every purposeful thought is a powerful testament to the capability of intentions to shape our world and our place within it.

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  1. I completely agree that intentions have a truly transformative power in our lives. The only thing is, we need to recognize how it can help us. Thanks for this awesome resource!

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