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Types of Tarot Spreads: Unveiling Life’s Mysteries

Tarot has long been a tool for divination, introspection, and guidance. In fact, tarot is often one of the most well-known spiritual practices. One of the most important choices when reading tarot, alongside intention, is the type of tarot spread selected. The spread plays a crucial role in pulling cards that give corresponding and intuitive answers to the questions being asked. Here is a short introduction to the various types of tarot readings, each offering unique insights into different facets of life.

Understanding Tarot Spreads

Before diving into the specifics, it’s pivotal to grasp what tarot spreads are. These are predetermined layouts of where cards are placed during a reading. Each position holds significance, and the card that occupies it offers insights specific to that position. The connection between the spread and the nature of the question posed makes the reading more precise.

One-Card Tarot Draws

Perfect for daily insights or quick clarity, the one-card tarot draw is both concise and profound. By drawing a single card, seekers tap into its energies and messages, offering a snapshot of guidance for the day or a specific situation, making it a go-to option for many tarot enthusiasts, as well as a perfect starting point for beginners.

Yes/No Tarot Spread

Simplifying complex decisions, the Yes or No tarot spread offers clear, binary guidance. Ideal for straightforward questions, this spread leverages the card’s upright or reversed position, or its inherent positive or negative symbolism, to provide a concise answer. This allows for a more vague understanding, but faster answers.

Three-Card Tarot Spreads

Three-card tarot spreads are the type to use when you’re looking for more answers than a one-card draw has to offer, but you still want simplicity.

Past, Present, Future 

This spread gives clarity on the progression of events, be it in relationships, career, or personal growth. The cards respectively represent events from your past influencing the present and potential future outcomes.

Mind, Body, Spirit  

A holistic lens into one’s state of being. It touches upon the cognitive, physical, and spiritual dimensions, promoting alignment and balance.

Situation, Obstacle, Solution  

A go-to spread for quick insights, especially during dilemmas. It provides an understanding of the current scenario, the challenges faced, and potential solutions.

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Five-Card Tarot Spreads

These are a more in-depth type of tarot spread, offering more card assignments and factors to draw conclusions from.

The Cross Spread  

A deeper dive into specific situations; touches upon the core issue, influencing factors, challenges, and eventual outcomes.

Elements Spread  

A reflection of the elemental forces (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit) at play in one’s life, offering a balanced perspective on the current situation.

Decision-Making Spread  

A guiding light when at difficult crossroads. It offers insights into the potential ramifications of different paths or decisions.

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Event-Specific Tarot Spreads

This type of tarot spread is dependent on the events happening in your life. When there are many questions about the trajectory of life, event-specific spreads can offer intuitive insight and help guide you toward the answer you need to hear.

Relationship or Love Spread  

Tuned into the intricacies of romantic dynamics, this spread unveils emotions, challenges, and the potential future of relationships.

Career Path Spread  

Whether you’re considering a job change or seeking growth in your current role, this spread sheds light on the path ahead.

Tarot for Business 

Harnessing tarot’s insights, entrepreneurs navigate decision-making with enhanced clarity. From strategic directions to team dynamics and product launches, tarot provides nuanced perspectives, melding logic with intuition for holistic business choices.

Tarot for Meditation  

Blending tarot with meditation deepens introspection, guiding seekers on inner journeys. By focusing on a card’s symbolism during meditation, individuals can explore its narratives and messages on a profound level, fostering self-awareness and spiritual growth.

Yearly Forecast Spread  

This is a 13-card spread. It provides a month-by-month guide for the year ahead, accompanied by a central theme that dominates the year, making it ideal for New Year readings.

Moon Phase Spread 

Given the influential nature of lunar cycles, this spread offers insights into how each phase might impact one’s emotions, decisions, and events.

Chakra Spread  

Tapping into the energy centers of our body, this spread gives an understanding of the current flow, blockages, or imbalances in our seven chakras.

Choosing the Right Type of Tarot Spread

Selecting the right spread depends on various factors. The nature of your question, the depth of insight you seek, your familiarity with tarot, and, most importantly, your intuition each play a role. There are also many other easy spreads if you’re just beginning your tarot journey. While structured spreads are beneficial, remember that tarot is an art open to personalization. Adapting or creating spreads that resonate with you can often provide the most profound insights.

Tarot Card Journals

Tarot card journals are an invaluable tool for tarot readers of all phases. A journal allows individuals to track and reflect on their readings over time. By documenting spreads, personal interpretations, and subsequent outcomes, tarot journals foster deeper insights into recurring patterns and personal growth. They become a reflective space, enhancing the connection between the reader and the cards, and aiding in the journey of self-discovery.

Don’t forget to check out our downloads section for cheat sheets, guides, and digital downloads of tarot spreads to use for your readings and journal!

Tarot, with its rich history, offers an abundance of reading styles. The types of tarot spreads you choose for your readings can transform your understanding of events, challenges, and opportunities in your life. 

If you need a quick reference guide for your cards while trying out these readings, be sure to download our free tarot cheat sheet. Happy reading!

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