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Tarot Card Myths and Why They’re Wrong

Tarot cards are the most common divination tool used to seek answers to questions you may have about yourself, your relationships, and your career. Tarot cards use symbolism from various cultures that is meant to help guide you in making decisions. There are many myths surrounding tarot and even the people who use it in practice. Tarot cards can be a wonderful guide alongside people on a spiritual journey, and it’s a shame that they’ve accumulated such a negative reputation. 

It’s okay though, here are seven common tarot card myths and why they’re wrong.

7 Most Common Tarot Card Myths

The Death Card Means Death

One of the biggest tarot card myths is that The Death Card means death or impending doom. The Death tarot card will rarely represent actually dying. 

This card usually means that something is coming to an end. It is a bittersweet feeling, however, in hindsight, it’s actually a good card. 

The end may refer to a relationship, hobby, or career path. Sometimes we need a form of validation that things are coming to a close. 

The death card shouldn’t be something you fear, but rather accepting the loss of something you may cherish or something that is no longer serving the purpose it used to in your life. 

This card can also indicate a new beginning. The closure of one forces you to look for something which may be better suited for your needs or desires.

Tarot Cards Are “Evil” 

Reading tarot cards is a spiritual skill and shouldn’t be considered evil.

It takes skill, knowledge, time, and emotional stability to understand tarot cards and the messages that they have to offer. The cards themselves have no inherently bad energy attached to them once you cleanse them.

If you’re nervous about using tarot cards, it’s important to focus on what the reading has shown you. This shifts the focus from the cards and onto the practice instead.

If you’re worried about your personal beliefs and using tarot, it’s important to know that the cards aren’t inherently evil and that they cannot attract evil. 

The cards themselves bring no bad energy, people do. In the grand scheme of things, tarot is an energy transfer. When reading, clear your energy and intent first so the cards can more accurately read the questions you ask. 

If you go into tarot with negative energy, then the output is bound to be more negative as well. Tarot cards aren’t meant to be a 100% accurate guide, they are a tool to bring clarity and affirmation to questions that you may have. 

You Have to Know What the Cards Mean

The meanings of the cards are interdependent on one another. If you know how a certain card relates to others, or which card is opposite, then it’s easier to make sense of the current situation. Lots of decks come with a book or a guide that has their specific card meanings. 

In addition, different decks with different art portrayals of the same card will invoke emotions differently. This changes the overall meaning of that card in your reading tremendously. 

There’s also useful information on each card and its meaning online. Don’t be afraid of performing a reading and researching as you go! That’s how I learned. I’m glad I did because it allowed me the opportunity to look at the card and reflect on how it made me feel. Then I was able to solidify that with the “genuine” definition. 

Memorizing the deck and each card’s meaning can make the process of performing readings a lot easier and faster. Knowing the deck truthfully also helps avoid belief and the spread of misinformation concerning tarot card myths. However, tarot card meanings can differ for each individual reader. This makes learning the ins and outs of a specific deck more of a preference. 

Tarot is Only Used to Tell The Future

Tarot cards themselves will not be able to predict your future. The person performing the reading must have the ability to use their energy towards the cards and their meanings in order to guide you to your future. 

The cards are simply a tool to use in order to get a clearer understanding or affirmation of what’s to come. As with any tool, if you do not know how to use it correctly then you probably won’t get the best results. 

The cards can be used in many ways and for different reasons: either as an oracle to divine things about yourself, your friends, or even events happening around the world. 

Tarot cards can be used for meditation, too! 

You Shouldn’t Read Your Own Cards 

It can be difficult to learn the proper way to read for yourself, but you still can!

The key factor is not letting your emotions rule the cards. If you enter a reading sad, angry, or excited that can cloud the outcome you get. Tarot is best read through energies, not emotions. 

Once you feel confident in your emotional stability and neutrality when performing readings, you can successfully read your own tarot cards without doubting the clarity of your answers. 

You Shouldn’t Buy Used Decks

If you’re going to use tarot cards that have been used already, cleanse them! 

Tarot cards hold energy and it’s important to cleanse any negative energy from the previous owners that could be on the cards before you use them. Tarot cards that are used by others can easily transfer their energy to you, and carry that energy into your readings. 

Buying used decks isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be. Just be sure to cleanse your deck before using it and storing it with your others.

Your First Deck Must be Gifted to You

Tarot is a spiritual practice that involves understanding yourself and your energy. Picking your first tarot deck can actually be more helpful than being gifted a deck because it gives you the opportunity to connect with a deck naturally. Choosing your own deck is a simple way to make sure that the cards resonate with you and your energy. I recommend a deck with traditional Rider Wait art like this classic deck.

The tarot deck that you choose will have its own special meanings and symbolism as well as invoke particular emotions. Those types of things help you to create a stronger connection with your cards and can provide clarity to your readings, especially when you’re first starting out! 

If anyone asks, your deck is a gift from me! Pick the one that resonates with you the best and get to learning.

Debunking Tarot Card Myths

The tarot has not only been around for centuries, but it continues to be used today by those who have learned how to use the power of the cards. 

Many people use tarot cards to let the energy guide them through their spiritual journey. As you learn more you will start to use your positive energy to help guide others along their journey, too.

How has practicing tarot affected your life in a positive way? Let me know below! 

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