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Spiritual Self-Care; How to Do It Right

Spiritual self-care is more important than people tend to give credit. Being in alignment requires a lot of energy, and so do processes like healing, manifesting, and reversing negativity. Regardless of how you practice, if you’re often finding yourself super drained after, or even just lacking the motivation to begin with, the first step is to take care of yourself and your energy

If you’re an empath, you already know how quickly your energy can drain. Using your emotions, intuitions, and gut feelings can take a lot out of you. The goal is to keep your energy pure and cleansed and only allow the positivity that the Universe is offering.  

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However, it can be difficult to block out negativity. If you’re working on a spell or setting intentions, the last thing you want is that negative stuff flowing over into your spell work. Taking care of yourself and making sure your energy is positive and uplifting will improve not only how you feel but also your craft!

Best Spiritual Self-Care Ideas

Self-care involves every aspect of you as an individual, including your spirituality. This means taking care of not only your physical health, but also your mental, emotional, and spiritual health. While it’s easy to ignore them for a little while, they both have a way of creeping back up if you ignore them for too long.

 Taking care of yourself is more complex than many may think. True spiritual self-care is so much more than just taking a relaxing bath once every few months. It’s about being as kind to yourself as you are to others, and genuinely loving yourself. And sometimes, that’s hard!

 Remember to keep balance in your life; you’ll find when you’re succeeding in one area of self-care you’ll crave success in all of them. When you find yourself needing extra love or a recharge, try out some of these self-care ideas.


Meditation is one of the most mindful ways to take care of yourself. Whether you choose to have yourself surrounded by crystals, herbs, incense, or just yourself; make sure it’s a peaceful experience. I’ve personally always found the most success when meditating with crystals.

The goal of meditation is to feel your energy and reflect on it. Spending quality time with yourself and your mind can be challenging, but it’s an important part of spiritual self-care. As you practice you’ll find yourself appreciating that time in solitude. 

An important part of successful meditation is your location. It’s suggested to be in a quiet area that you feel comfortable and safe in. Close your eyes, focus on your breathing, and practice what you feel you need the most at that time. That could be following and healing your thought process, cycling through your favorite affirmations, or even just reflecting. Using a timer, or a guided video is a good way to keep yourself focused for your allotted time when starting out.

Meditation is a very simple, but effective way to learn yourself as well as bring calm and restore your much-needed energy. Learn more about meditation, and how to make the most of it in Meditation for Beginners.

Spiritual Self-Care with the Moon

Keeping the moon phases in mind can be helpful in setting your mind into a cycle. And, if you choose to meditate, can help you get the most out of it! The most successful part of my spiritual self-care journey has been syncing my spiritual cycles to the moon.

Moon Phases for Spiritual Self-Care

The New Moon is a wonderful time to set intentions, the waxing moon is a good time to take action on those intentions. When the New Moon comes about, charge up some moon water, and set intentions. I recommend you write them down! As the moon waxes, that’s your chance to really focus on those intentions and get to work. Use your moon water in rituals surrounding your intentions and don’t worry too much about making a mistake here or there. Keep moving towards that goal. 

As the cycle continues, the full moon allows time to be mindful and grateful for your blessings. Take a look back at the intentions you set, and how far you’ve come with them. Be grateful for the lessons you learned and the achievements you made during that part of the cycle. The last phase is the waning moon. This is your time to set yourself up for the next New Moon! Take this time to release energies that are no longer serving you and reflect on how you handled reaching your goals and how you rewarded yourself when they were met. 

Release and intention are important for overall self-care. The moon phases make a beautiful and easy-to-follow guide along your spiritual self-care journey. It’s an awesome way to feel more in tune with the Universe, and overall a good rhythm to set your mental and spiritual intentions to. Keeping these positive thoughts and giving yourself a cycle to follow can help you feel more in control and at one with the Universe around you. 

Use Divinations Tools

When practicing witchcraft, there are so many options to explore in the form of divination aids. Anything you feel drawn to, research it! The most important part is recognizing the message being sent to you regardless of the tool you use. Whether you use oracle cards, tarot cards, pendulums, runes, or tea leaves, the goal is to learn. These tools can help you become more self-aware and guide you on the right path if you choose to listen.

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 Sometimes what our tools tell us isn’t always what you want to hear, but trust in your guides. Truly reflecting on the message being sent can bring you clarity. Following through with your aided decisions can be difficult, but oh-so rewarding. 

If you’re feeling stuck or finding your energy drained, ask your tools and yourself what you’re missing, what you should be looking for, and what you should dismiss from your life. The answers may surprise you! If the act of tarot reading seems draining, make it a point to use another spiritual self-care habit before to ensure a more accurate reading.

Create A Daily Spiritual Self-Care Ritual

It’s not a secret that routine helps most people feel on track. Having set steps of things you do to take care of yourself is particularly important. It shows that you care about yourself enough to put your wants and needs into a daily routine. 

And you should! Personally, when I wake up every morning I light a candle to cleanse myself, my energy, and my day. Then I dive into my morning three-card tarot spread to see what today holds in my thoughts, emotions, and actions. After that, I reflect on my morning coffee or tea. This gives me the time to think about how I should hold myself and handle situations today, as well as relaxes my mind about the day ahead. Struggling with anxiety drains my energy the most, so finding a way to rationally balance my anxious thoughts is my best form of self-care, mentally and spiritually! 

I also always include affirmations throughout my day. This can be done in so many ways, but my favorite is having them written on the mirror so I can recite them right after I brush my teeth.

Your routine may look completely different, and it most likely will. Pick a good time of day, a good place, and do something that brings you happiness. Allow yourself time for that every single day, and you’ll find yourself feeling recharged way quicker.

Take Time for Yourself

Take the time to do things you enjoy. Every day, allow yourself the freedom to do something just because you wanted to and not because you had to. Life isn’t just a list of chores. Of course, cleaning and keeping a tidy space is a big part of spiritual self-care, but sometimes you do just need a break.

Other times, you may just need to let yourself wander. If you’re grocery shopping and have always wanted to check out the bookstore or tea shop next door, do that! Remember that this life is yours to live, and being happy with the life you’re living is what’s important. Doing small things like this often helps your energy be fluent and your day-to-day life less mundane. 

Create A Gratitude List

This one is kind of self-explanatory, but make a list of the things that make you happy

Count your blessings, and keep them close. Make a collage and put it somewhere you see it often, you can even digitize it and set it as your lock screen! Include things like your friends and family, simple things like your go-to coffee order, and small things like quotes from your favorite books.  It is easy to get bogged down with negative and stressful events or emotions. You have a lot to be grateful for. A gratitude list or collage is like a vision board of your blessings. It can help serve as a reminder of all the things that you are gifted in life. 

If you find yourself struggling to find things that make you jump up and down and smile with excitement just thinking about them, look within. And if you’re not already surrounding yourself with your greatest blessings, create your own

Being mindful of all of the wonderful things in your life is a great version of self-care. Being surrounded with reminders of all the people and things you love and that love you keeps your sights focused, and your mind at ease. 

Salt Baths 

Give yourself a soak! Baths are one of the most relaxing experiences that are also completely customizable. In addition, it’s a low-energy way to practice your craft and relax simultaneously

The first step is making your bath salt concoction. Use bath salts, herbs, crystals, and essential oils to curate your soaking experience. If you need a little extra love, use rose petals and quartz. If you’re feeling anxious or stressed try lavender and tea tree oil. The options are endless, and your intent means everything here. If you’re trying to fully relax, and have the spiritual intentions created and placed for you, try out some pre-made bath bags!

Bathing while reading a book. Ultimate self-care and rejuvenating practice

After you’ve drawn your bath and picked a playlist or set up your bath-time reading, let yourself unwind and reap the benefits of your soak. 

This is also the perfect time to throw on a face or hair mask, and make sure to moisturize when you’re out! When you feel good, you perform well, too.

Cleansing Your Energy

The best way to maintain your energy is to keep it pure. In the same way you cleanse your crystals or tarot deck, your energy can benefit from cleansing as well! 

Use your favorite herb & light it. Let the smoke surround you, and control your breathing. Cleansing your area around your altar, your bedroom, or the whole house can be super beneficial in this process, too. 

Crystals can be a huge factor in cleansing your energy. I actually think that using crystals is one of my best self-care practices. There are a variety of different energies, pairings, and vibrations that crystals contain for many spiritual growth purposes. Using the right crystals can charge your energy, provide healing and comfort, and even protect you from future negative energies.

We already talked about baths, but you can also add some moon water to your bath or make a cleansing salt soak! 

Keeping your mind, heart, soul, and body cleansed with good intent is the most intimate and important form of spiritual self-care. When you feel too overwhelmed to treat yourself, it may be time for an energy cleanse! 

The point of self-care is about being able to identify your personal needs by listening to your intuition, and by listening to your mind, body, and spirit. No one knows you better than yourself, and the Universe is always on your side. Keep that in mind, and treat yourself with the same love you show the world… you deserve it!

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Self-care isn’t a once-in-a-while type of event. You should be valuing yourself every single day. If you can afford to give yourself an hour a day, that’s awesome. But even just five minutes will do. It’s important to protect your mind, body, spirit, and energy. Find what makes you feel that balance, and incorporate it any way you can.

What’s your go-to form of witch self-care? Let me know below! 

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