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Anxiety Stones & Their Importance

Mental health is so important. As someone who personally struggles with anxiety, I found refuge within my spirituality that I want to share with the world. Balance has been a big part of my healing process. As a way to make balance a more tangible and attainable reality, I use my anxiety stones and calming oil. Because balance is an intangible feeling, having crystals to represent it has helped ground me in my most anxious moments, and serves as a reminder that balance isn’t as out of reach as it seems

What are Anxiety Stones? 

Growing up, my mother’s close friend was Wiccan. 

This gave me insight into a world that not many others get to explore at a young age. My Tia, as I called her, has always been a very giving woman. She was always more than willing to explain her practices to me in a way that I understood and grew to love. 

As I grew older, I faced some big life challenges that were beyond my years. In this, my Tia noticed that I was struggling with being pretty anxious and tense all the time. 

Although I’d always been curious about her craft, she never imposed her practices on me. But she did offer me small stones one day. 

She described them as “balance stones”. 

One was a clear quartz crystal, and the other was black onyx. They were about the same size and smooth. 

She placed them in my palm and closed my hand around them. 

The Importance of Anxiety Stones

She explained that life needs balance, and part of the reason why I struggled with my anxiety so much is that my spirit was desperately searching for balance in the mess I was in

Not only was this a life-changing grounding technique I continue to use to help calm my anxiety, but the stones themselves felt so much more powerful than I’d imagined. 

Since then, I keep a pair of balance stones on me wherever I go. 

When I know I’m approaching a situation that will spark up anxiety, I hold them close. When I’m in a situation that becomes anxiety-inducing, I’ll feel for them in my pocket or bag, as just a little reminder. 

In practice, I’ll take one or both out and roll them in my palm or palms. Sometimes squeezing them is enough, but more often than not, I’ll fidget with them and use their presence as a focal point to bring myself back to a more rational reality. 

It’s by far my favorite grounding practice, and the story behind them for me makes them even more special. 

Where to get Anxiety Stones

If you’re someone who struggles with anxiety, I definitely recommend getting some balance stones! Although there are many different stones for anxiety, this set is particularly easy to obtain.

Clear Quartz and Onyx aren’t too hard to come by at all. You can find them at essentially any metaphysical store, or you can check out my Anxiety Stone Set on Etsy! The set comes with the two crystals as well as a selenite wand for cleansing, and a calming spell oil made by yours truly.

Besides these two stones, there are many crystals that can be used to ease anxiety and provide a sense of calm. These are definitely at the top of that list, however, there are plenty of options when it comes to crystals for anxiety, be sure to choose stones that resonate with you!

How to Use Anxiety Stones

For me, my Anxiety Stones serve as a visual and physical grounding technique. 

Visually, the set being completely opposite in color, but around the same size and smooth around the edges is appealing to my sense of calm and peace. The dark compliments the light, and vice versa. Without the other, there is no balance! 

Physically, I like to ground myself by holding them and rolling them around in my palms. If I’m getting ready for public speaking, I can have them prepared beforehand and fidget a little before. If I’m in a situation where I wasn’t expecting to be triggered, I always have them close. So normally I can stick my hand in my purse or pocket and just feel for them as a small reminder. 

Personally, it’s beneficial for me to close my eyes and envision my crystals absorbing all of the anxiety I’m experiencing. Or, you can envision the positive, calm energies flowing into you through them

The calming oil that I keep with my set is the smell part of my sensory grounding experience. When I have it on hand, I just use a drop on one wrist and transfer it by rubbing my wrists together. Normally I’ll also put some on my neck, as you’d apply perfume. 

Everyone’s anxiety is triggered differently, is experienced differently, and everyone’s grounding process is unique. 

That being said, the crystals and oils may be helpful to you in the way I use them, or you may find a process with them that works better for you! 

Calming Oil

Most anxiety-reducing methods tend to include lavender. It’s a beautiful herb and can be extremely calming for some. However, the smell of lavender consistently gives me a gnarly headache. Through the years, I’ve learned how to work around that. 

Over the years I’ve come up with an oil that I love the smell of and works to help calm me in especially anxious times. 

  • Sunflower oil
  • Amethyst
  • Clear Quartz
  • Bergamot
  • Copaiba
  • Atlas Cedarwood
  • Chamomile

It has such a calming floral, earthy scent & works wonders for my grounding process. 

As I mentioned before, the oil can be applied as a perfume would be. However, it can also be used in baths, spells, and even in moon water.

The Most Important Part

The most important part is your intent. Your craft is completely yours. 

Another important mention is a friendly reminder to cleanse your crystals every so often. There are so many ways you can cleanse crystals, do the one that fits your practices and lifestyle.

Cleanse your stones when you feel they need recharging, or when you’ve used them a bit. This keeps them working their best and will make sure they’re most beneficial to you when you need them. 

The Anxiety Stone Set comes pre-cleansed; specially charged in the gorgeous and healing vortexes of Sedona, Arizona

What’s your go-to grounding technique? Let me know below!

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  1. I love the tip about the balancing stones! I was recently at a psychic fair and bought myself a small bag with 3 small tumbled stones they called a zodiac set. Mine was a black obsidian, a clear quartz, and a lapis lazuli for Sag. I am going to try out your technique! 🙂

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