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Moon Water Tea: Brew a Cup of Cosmic Comfort

Moon water tea stands out as a celestial elixir that combines the enchanting properties of moon water with the comfort of a warm cup of tea. Tea is a common self-care and healing practice, especially in regard to spirituality. Here we explore the origins, preparation, benefits, and rituals that accompany moon water tea. Brew a cup, sit back, and let the cosmic embrace of the moon be a comfort.

The Influence of the Moon

To truly appreciate moon water tea, it’s essential to understand its celestial roots. This captivating elixir derives its metaphysical properties from moon water and whichever herbs you decide to adorn it with. Throughout history, the moon has held deep symbolic and spiritual significance in various cultures, often associated with intuition, emotion, and transformation. Moon water tea harnesses this energy to create a holistic and spiritually enriching beverage.

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Preparing Moon Water for Tea

The journey of crafting moon water tea begins with the creation of moon water itself. Here’s a quick guide to making moon water.

  • Collection: On a clear night, place a clean glass container filled with fresh, purified water outdoors under the moonlight. You can use a windowsill if going outside isn’t possible.
  • Charging: As you set the water out, set your intention. Feel the moon’s energy and envision it infusing the water with its cosmic qualities.
  • Harvesting: The next morning, retrieve your charged moon water, which is now ready to be used for your tea.

There are many factors to moon water, including the moon phase, intention setting, and enhancement methods. For a more in-depth tutorial check out How to Make Moon Water.

Brewing Moon Water Tea

Once you have your moon water ready, it’s time to brew! 


Select your preferred tea leaves or herbal blend. Opt for teas that complement the lunar energy, such as chamomile, jasmine, or lavender.

This portion is very personable. You can keep your tea simple, and focus on the properties of the moon water, or you can spice it up a bit. Use herbs that align with your intent, and even pair with crystals that match vibrationally as well. 

Boiling Water

Heat some water to the appropriate temperature for your chosen tea, usually around 180°F (82°C). You can use a pot, a kettle, or even the microwave. You’ll add the moon water later, however, if you’re looking for extra lunar strength you can use it here!

Tea Infusion

Place your tea leaves or tea bag in a teapot or cup. Pour the hot water over the tea and let it steep for the recommended time. Garnish with your chosen herbs if they aren’t already in your tea infusion. 

Moon Water Addition

Before sipping, add a splash of your charged moon water to your tea. This infusion enhances the tea’s cosmic qualities.

Intention Setting

As you enjoy your herb-infused lunar elixir, set an intention or meditate on the lunar energy you wish to connect with. You can pair this session with meditation, journaling, tarot reading, creating crystal grids, affirmation setting, or even manifestation. Whether you choose to do this ritual separately or add it to other practices, it’s an effective and yummy way to add lunar energy to your life. 

Moon Water Tea Recipes

Here are some recipes to use as inspiration when crafting custom moon water tea!

Brew each tea or your preferred herbal blend, then add your moon water and the recommended garnishes.

1. Lavender Moon Bliss

Brew a cup of lavender tea, known best for its calming qualities. Garnish with a few lavender leaves and a lemon slice. As you sip, feel serenity wash over you, nurturing dreams and tranquility.

Beautiful lavender flower

2. Chamomile Luna

Steep a cup of chamomile tea, renowned for soothing the soul. Add a pinch of ginger and honey to sweeten, heal, and help calm. Sip slowly, inviting the moon’s gentle embrace to guide you into peaceful relaxation.

3. Moonlit Green Tea

Brew your favorite green tea, celebrated for its vitality. Sprinkle with cinnamon and dried rose petals. This infusion harmonizes your energies, balancing the earthly and the celestial, as you savor each rejuvenating sip.

Delicious green tea with teapot and cup on black rock

4. Hibiscus Celestial Zest

Steep hibiscus tea, known for its invigorating tanginess, and add your moon water. Add a sprinkle of orange zest and garnish with dried hibiscus. As you enjoy its vibrant flavors, feel the moon’s energy revitalizing your spirit and sparking creativity.

5. Minty Moon Medley

Brew mint tea with fresh leaves to take advantage of their invigorating properties. Sip slowly to cleanse your palate, revitalize your mind, and find inner tranquility.

6. Citrus Lunar Splash

Brew citrus tea, featuring zesty lemon and orange peels. As you savor the revitalizing zest, sense your spirits lifting under the moon’s radiant influence.

7. Rosemary Cosmic Clarity

Prepare a rosemary herbal infusion, prized for its mental clarity. Use lavender as a garnish and honey or agave for sweetening. As you sip this aromatic blend, let your mind find focus.

Embrace your intuition while exploring diverse herbs and flavors, using these recipes as inspiration. With each yummy sip, you’ll deepen your connection with the energies of the moon. 

Daily Uses

To fully embrace the benefits, consider integrating it into your daily life. This could be using it as a part of your morning ventures or your nightly wind-downs. 

  • Morning Serenity: Start your day with a cup of moon water tea to set a peaceful tone for your morning. This ritual encouraged me to replace my morning coffee. There are so many variations and each cup helps me focus my daily intent while journaling! However, your lunar elixir can be enjoyed alongside morning commutes, affirmation practices, and even daily tarot spreads. 
  • Midday Mindfulness: Take a break from work or responsibilities to sip some moon water tea and center yourself. Taking a momentary pause can help ease anxiety and act as a grounding tool. My favorite midday practice is gratitude thinking with my cosmic drink.
  • Evening Tranquility: Wind down in the evening with a calming cup of moon water tea, allowing it to guide you into a restful night’s sleep. When you’re concluding your long day, tea can be a wonderful companion to wind down with meditation or journaling. 

Benefits of Moon Water Tea

Moon water tea offers a multitude of potential benefits. Spiritual, mental, and emotional healing are wonderful benefits of mindful tea drinking. However, there are many others as well. 

  • Relaxation: The soothing qualities of lunar-infused water and herbal tea promote relaxation and stress relief.
  • Mindfulness: Rituals encourage mindfulness and self-reflection, creating moments of peace in your day.
  • Enhanced Intuition: The moon’s energy is often associated with intuition, making this elixir an ideal companion for those seeking to connect with their inner wisdom.
  • Holistic Healing: Depending on the herbs used, moon water tea can support physical and emotional well-being.

Moon Water Tea Rituals

To enhance your experience with moon water tea, consider incorporating moon-related rituals.

  • New Moon Intention Setting: On the night of the new moon, brew your tea of choice and set intentions for the lunar cycle ahead.
  • Full Moon Release: During a full moon, enjoy moon water tea while releasing what no longer serves you, embracing the moon’s transformative energy.
  • Lunar Tea Meditation: Practice a lunar meditation while sipping your lunar elixir, connecting with the moon’s phases and energies.

Moon Water Tea is more than just a beverage; it’s a cosmic embrace, a moment of mindfulness, and a journey of self-discovery. By infusing your tea with the energy of the moon and setting intentions, you can unlock a deeper connection to the universe and yourself. Brew a cup of moon water tea, and let it be a reminder of the beauty, comfort, and cosmic wonder that surrounds us every day and every night.

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