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Chakra Crystals for Beginners: Balancing Your Energy

In the quest for holistic well-being and spiritual harmony, many individuals turn to the ancient practice of chakra healing. The chakras, subtle energy centers within the body, play a vital role in our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. To harness the transformative potential of chakra healing, beginners often seek the aid of chakra crystals. Explore the world of chakra crystals for beginners, demystify the concept of chakras, and allow this practice to guide you on your journey to balancing your energy.

Understanding Chakras: A Brief Overview

What Are Chakras?

Chakras are swirling energy centers that run along the spine, each associated with specific aspects of our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. There are seven main chakras, each represented by a distinct color and linked to unique attributes:

Chakra meditation example

1. Root Chakra (Red): Located at the base of the spine, it governs stability, security, and our sense of belonging.

2. Sacral Chakra (Orange): Situated just below the navel, it relates to creativity, emotions, and pleasure.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow): Found in the upper abdomen, it influences confidence, self-esteem, and personal power.

4. Heart Chakra (Green): Positioned in the chest, it governs love, compassion, and emotional healing.

5. Throat Chakra (Blue): Located at the throat, it relates to communication, self-expression, and authenticity.

6. Third Eye Chakra (Indigo): Situated between the eyebrows, it influences intuition, insight, and higher consciousness.

7. Crown Chakra (Violet or White): Found at the top of the head, it connects us to divine wisdom and spiritual enlightenment.

Balancing these chakras is essential for maintaining physical and emotional health, as well as fostering spiritual growth.

examples of chakra crystal shapes and colors

How Chakra Crystals Work

Chakra crystals are gemstones with unique energetic properties that align with the vibrations of each chakra. When used in healing, these crystals serve as tools to unblock, balance, and activate the chakras, promoting overall well-being.

Each chakra has a specific crystal associated with it, amplifying its attributes and aiding in its healing. For beginners, these crystals provide a tangible and effective way to work with the chakra system, even if you’re new to the concept.

Chakra Crystals for Beginners: A Guide

Choosing the Right Chakra Crystals

If you’re just starting, selecting the right chakra crystals may seem daunting. There are numerous kits online, but there are multiple crystals that can complement each chakra. For the most effective chakra practices, choose a crystal for each chakra that resonates the most with you. 

Root Chakra

To anchor and stabilize your energy, consider the grounding properties of red jasper, hematite, smoky quartz, black tourmaline, or garnet.

The most popular choices for this chakra are red jasper and hematite. 

Sacral Chakra

Nourish your creativity and emotions with the vibrant energies of carnelian, orange calcite, sunstone, moonstone, or tangerine quartz.

Common choices for the sacral chakra are carnelian and orange calcite.

Girl meditating in lotus position. Colored chakra lights over her body. Yoga, zen, Buddhism, recovery and wellbeing concept.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Ignite your confidence and personal power using the warm glow of citrine, yellow calcite, golden tiger’s eye, yellow jasper, or amber.

Citrine and yellow jasper are the most common choices for the solar plexus… hues that match the sun!

Heart Chakra

Open your heart to love and compassion with the gentle embrace of rose quartz, green aventurine, rhodonite, rhodochrosite, or emerald.

Most people select either rose quartz or green aventurine to represent the heart chakra. Adventurine allows the chakra stones to represent the rainbow. 

close up of a rose quartz pyramid on a wooden background, this stone is known as the stone of the heart, and promotes unconditional love.can represent heart chakra

Throat Chakra

Elevate your communication and self-expression skills with the soothing energies of blue lace agate, aquamarine, sodalite, blue kyanite, or blue topaz.

The throat chakra is normally represented through blue lace agate or sodalite. Blue is the color of choice for this chakra.

Third Eye Chakra

Deepen your intuition and insight by connecting with the energies of amethyst, lapis lazuli, clear quartz, lepidolite, or fluorite.

The third eye chakra is most commonly portrayed using amethyst or lapis lazuli due to their nature of boosting intuition.  

Crown Chakra

Reach for higher consciousness and spiritual connection through the pure vibrations of clear quartz, amethyst, selenite, lepidolite, or howlite.

The crown chakra representative crystal, like the others, is a personal choice. However, it’s most commonly represented using clear quartz or amethyst.  

Female hand with beautiful amethyst on light background

These stones are chosen for their specific energetic properties and resonance with each chakra’s color and attributes. They are commonly used for chakra balancing, meditation, and energy healing practices to promote balance and alignment in the body’s energy centers.

It’s important to trust your intuition when choosing chakra crystals. Hold each crystal in your hand and see if you feel a connection or resonance with it. Your intuition will often guide you toward the crystals that are most beneficial for you.

How to Use Chakra Crystals

Now that you have your chakra crystals picked out, you’re ready to put them to use! There are many different practices and rituals that involve chakra crystals, for healing and for grounding. 


Begin your practice with a chakra meditation. Choose a quiet space, sit comfortably, and hold the relevant crystal in your hand. Close your eyes, focus on your breath, and visualize the chakra you are working on. Allow the crystal’s energy to flow through you and harmonize the chakra.

Laying on of Stones

Lie down and place the chakra crystal on the corresponding chakra point on your body. For example, use a green aventurine on your heart chakra. Relax and breathe deeply as the crystal’s energy works to balance the chakra. I especially love this practice when I can lay out in grass under the sun. 

Top view of a therapist using a stone for a reiki and aromatherapy session for a patient for chakra stone laying

Crystal Jewelry

Wear chakra crystal jewelry, such as a pendant or bracelet, to keep the energy of the crystals close to your body throughout the day. This continuous contact helps in maintaining chakra balance.

Chakra Grids

For a more advanced practice, create a chakra crystal grid. Arrange crystals in a geometric pattern on a grid or cloth, focusing on balancing all seven chakras simultaneously.

Daily Draws

Pull a chakra crystal card or select a crystal intuitively each day. Carry it with you or place it in your environment to infuse your day with its energy.

By incorporating chakra crystals into your daily routine, you can work towards balancing your chakras and enhancing your overall well-being

Benefits of Chakra Crystal Healing

The practice of using chakra crystals offers a wide range of benefits for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. Some of the potential advantages include:

Emotional Balance

Chakra crystal healing can help stabilize emotions, reduce stress, and promote inner peace. As your chakras align and energy flows freely, you may experience a greater sense of emotional well-being.

Increased Vitality

Balanced chakras support physical health and vitality. You may notice improved energy levels and an enhanced sense of overall wellness.

rear view of a young woman with long hair sitting meditating at sunrise by the sea, concept of relaxation and mental health, copy space for text

Clarity and Focus

Chakra crystals can aid in clearing mental clutter, enhancing concentration, and fostering mental clarity. This can be particularly useful in decision-making and problem-solving.

Enhanced Intuition

Working with chakra crystals may sharpen your intuition and insight. As your third eye chakra opens, you may develop a deeper connection to your inner wisdom.


Chakra crystal healing often leads to greater self-awareness. As you explore your chakras and their imbalances, you’ll gain insights into areas of your life that require attention and healing.

Spiritual Growth

Chakra work is a powerful tool for spiritual growth and personal development. It can lead to a deeper understanding of your spiritual path and connection to the universe.

Dark silhouette of a young woman standing with raised up hands on a stone enjoying sunset view outdoors in summer.

Overcoming Common Challenges

As a beginner, you may encounter some common challenges in your chakra crystal healing journey

1. Impatience: Chakra healing is a gradual process, and results may not be instant. Practice patience and trust the process.

2. Doubt: Some may question the effectiveness of chakra crystal healing. Approach the practice with an open mind, and remember that personal experiences can be deeply transformative.

3. Consistency: To see lasting results, consistency in your chakra crystal healing practice is key. Incorporate it into your daily routine to experience ongoing benefits.

Guidelines for a Safe Practice

While chakra crystal healing is generally safe, it’s essential to follow these guidelines to ensure the most effective chakra healing and practices. 


Regularly cleanse your chakra crystals to remove accumulated energies. Common methods include rinsing them under running water or burying them in the earth. For more information on crystal cleansing check out our Ultimate Crystal Cleansing Guide.


Charge your crystals under sunlight, moonlight, using moon water, or with your own intentions to keep them energized and effective.

Top View of Chakra Rainbow Crystals including, Quartz, Amethyst, Sodalite, Green Aventurine, Citrine, Orange Calcite and Red Jasper


For serious physical or emotional concerns, consult with a healthcare professional alongside your chakra crystal healing practice.


Remember that chakra work is a form of self-care. Listen to your body, practice self-compassion, and prioritize your well-being. When you’re using a lot of energy, spiritual self-care becomes abundantly important. 

Embarking on a journey of chakra crystal healing is a profound step towards self-discovery and well-being. Chakra crystals for beginners offer a tangible and accessible way to explore the world of chakras and energy healing. As you learn to balance your chakras, you’ll unlock a deeper understanding of your physical, emotional, and spiritual self.

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Embrace the practice with an open heart, trust your intuition, and be patient with your progress. Chakra crystal healing has the potential to transform your life, fostering inner harmony, vitality, and spiritual growth.

Here’s to healing!

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