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9 Best Crystals for Anxiety

Anxiety is becoming increasingly more common as time goes on, and the need for ways to cope grows alongside it. There are numerous forms of anxiety, as well as triggers. Sometimes, the best and only thing to do is to ground yourself in that moment. As a witch, you have an abundant amount of pocket-sized, …

herbs for beginner witches

30 Herbs for Beginner Witches

Remember, as a witch, the only tool you need is your intention! You don’t need a fancy altar, or a long list of herbs, every color candle, and a patch of goat’s hair. 😉 You literally just need yourself. YOU are the magick. With that being said, witches freakin’ love herbs! So, here’s a short …

witchy photoshoot ideas

50+ Witchy Photo Shoot Ideas

I love photography, and I love going out into nature and feeling the ground beneath my bare feet. I always have a camera in my hand, and I hope to pass that on to my daughters as well! Well, at least one of them. If you’d like your witchy photos pictured here, send me an …