Self care is important for anyone, but especially for witches. This is because as witches, energy and intentions mean everything. If you’re an empath, you already know how quickly your energy can drain. Sometimes it’s difficult to block out negativity, but if you’re working on a love spell, you don’t want that negative stuff flowing over into your spell work. Taking care of yourself and making sure your energy is positive and uplifting will improve your craft tremendously. Here are some simple ideas to better take care of yourself as well as your craft.

The point of self-care is about being able to identify your personal needs by listening to your intuition, by listening to your mind, body, and spirit.

Best Self-Care Ideas for Witches

Self-care starts with taking care of your physical and emotional health. While emotional and mental health are easy to ignore for a little while, they have a way of creeping back up if we ignore our intuition for too long. Taking care of yourself is more than just eating healthy and drinking enough water. It’s more than taking a relaxing bath once every few months. It’s about being as kind to yourself as you are to others (which is hopefully very kind!). We are often hardest on ourselves.

Sometimes we use magick to practice self-care. Magick can be extremely healing for those we are doing spell work for, and for ourselves. Magick is also empowering; practicing can improve your confidence. You work hard to study your craft and become a better witch, right? Part of that is practicing self-care. 🙂

self care for witches


The act of taking time to breathe and become centered can do a complete reset on your mind and body. Be mindful of your self and your surroundings. Make sure to focus on your intentions. Learn how to meditate for beginners in this post I wrote.

Working with moon phases

Setting intentions (new moon), taking thoughtful action (waxing moon), enjoying and being grateful (full moon), and releasing and looking within (waning moon). This is a good rhythm cycle to get into. Keeps you aware of what is important.

Use Divination Tools

Whether you use oracle or angel cards, tarot cards, pendulums, Ouija board, crystal ball, dowsing rods, I-Ching coins, runes, scrying mirrors, teacups. These tools can help you become more self-aware and help to understand things.

Create A Daily Ritual

Having a set steps of things you do to take care of yourself is particularly important. It shows that you care about yourself enough to put your wants and need into a daily routine. If you do not make the effort to make sure it is important then you will allow other things to interfere with your self-care.

Take time for yourself

Take the time to do things you enjoy. Everyday you need to do something just because you wanted to and not because you had to. If you do not then life just becomes a series of mundane and heavy tasks instead of an enjoyable life mixed with responsibilities.

Get up and Exercise

Exercise with help with stress and negative energy. Sweating will help detox your body and pores. The endorphins will help with your mood and stress level.

Create A Gratitude List

It is easy to get bogged down with the negative and stressful things. You have a lot to be grateful for. Making a list of the things and people you are most grateful will help stop the overwhelming feelings. It will show you that life is not as bad as the mundane everyday life can get you to think it is.

Allow Yourself the Right to Say No

No one can be everything to everyone. The wisest people know that it is important to allow yourself to know your limit and create boundaries to keep your mind, body and spirit intact. Ask for help and let NO be a part of your vocabulary. No is a complete sentence. You do not need to apologize or make excuses as to why you have boundaries.

Prioritize your to do list

Make to do list and color code them to show priorities. Red are priority tasks that need to be done immediately. Yellow are those tasks that are important that need to be addressed right after the red tasks are done. Green tasks are tasks that can be done at your own pace. Blue tasks are those tasks that you can delegate to others. Use a black marker to cross off any accomplished tasks.
That way at a glance you are able to see what needs to be accomplished and how quickly they need be finished.

These are just a few self-care tips that will allow you to be the best witch you can be. Life is meant to be enjoyable but can also throw curve-balls at you. Taking care of yourself is the best way to be able to hit those curve-balls out of the park and succeed at life.

What’s your favorite self-care activity?

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