Remember, as a witch, the only tool you need is your intention! You don’t need a fancy altar, or a long list of herbs, every color candle, and a patch of goat’s hair. 😉 You literally just need yourself. YOU are the magick. With that being said, witches freakin’ love herbs! So, here’s a short list of 30 herbs that are perfect for all witches. Some come in my mystery witch kit, too!

Herbs and spices are parts from plants that have culinary, medicinal, and spiritual usages. In witchcraft, herbs are used to mean all herbs, spices and trees. Each herb has its own abilities and strengths. There are also things to be aware of with each herb. This is a list of the more common herbs that you will come across when you first start out on your journey as a witch.

herbs for beginner witches

Agrimony: A plant of the rose family with flower spikes and spiny fruits. Repel a jinx or curse, healing, restoration and benevolent protection. Can be used to attract business.

Apple Blossom: The white flowers with a pink tinge from an apple tree. Used for love magic.

Basil: An aromatic annual herb of the mint family. Used in love, blessings, money and divination. Can be used to detect whether fidelity is present or not. Basil oil can be anointed with any positive intention.

Bay: An aromatic glossy green leaf of the bay tree. Aid in divination, wisdom, strength and to produce prophetic dreams. Leaves can be burned to help with yes or no questions or to make a wish on.

Catnip: Downy leaves and purples spotted white flowers of the mint family. Has a pungent smell. Create inner peace and releasing tension in humans. Will help in dream work as well as love drawing and trance work.

Chamomile: Daisy-like plant of the Asteraceae family. Purification and protection as well as sleep and mediation. Also known to bring luck.

Cinnamon: Spice from a Southeast Asian tree. Enhances spirituality, success, luck, and prosperity and can also be used in healing, shielding and protection.

Clove: Dried flower bud of a tropical tree with a pungent smell. Protection and mental clarity use in spells. Can be burned to cleanse objects, people, or rooms.

Comfrey: Large hairy leaves and clusters of purple or white bell-shaped flowers of a plant of the borage family. Used in letting go and healing spells.

Dandelion: A weed of the daisy family. Used during divination, healing, purification, and spirit calling.

Dragon’s Blood: Powder or gum from the fruit of certain palm trees and the stems of the dragon tree. A substitute for human or animal blood in antiquated spells. The resin is said to bring power to any work. Alone it is for cleansing and empowering.

Elderberry: Bluish-black or red berry of the elder plant. Used in fairy magic, hidden wisdom, protection, connection and healing.

Frankincense: Resin from Boswellia trees. Smells like a bright refreshing pine with a strong citrus scent. It is an ancient sacred incense. Banishes negative thoughts and spirits while attracting positive ones. Good for money and success spells.

Garlic: A plant closely related to the onion that produces a strong-smelling pungent tasting bulb. Invoking courage and strength. Also, very potent in supercharging protection spells.

herbs for witches

Lavender: A flowering plant of the mint family. It promotes calm, serene, de-stresses and helps to sleep. Helps to banish nightmares, sadness and woe. Also used to bring love. Can be used in a purifying bath or smudging ritual. Also is used for creative or clairvoyant meditation.

Mint: Aromatic herb from the Mentha plant. Spearmint is used when a spell calls for oil. When called for powder or incense. Peppermint is used. Mint is used for healing and cleansing. Also used to increase psychic abilities.

Mugwort: A plant of the daisy family, with aromatic divided dark green top leaves that white below. Various purposes including love, healing, protection, prophecy, and dreams. Can be used to clean tools to increase its power. *Please note it can be harmful to pregnant women.*

Nettle: A herbaceous plant with jagged leaves with stinging hairs. Used in uncrossing and protection spells. Courage, consecration and deterring evil.

Patchouli: A strong scented shrub of the mint family. Its smells like rich earth. It is used for attracting love, lust or success. Also used for sexual power and fertility. Can be used for both positive (love and money) or negative (cursing, separation and bane)

Pennyroyal: Two small leaves of the mint family. Known to be used for money, strength and protection. Wards off the evil eye and dispels anger. *Please note it can be harmful to pregnant women.*

Pepper: Powder from dried and ground peppercorns. Protection, warding and banishing spell uses.

Red Hibiscus: Flowers from a plant of the mallow family. Lust and love inducing properties.

Rose: A wood perennial flowering plant. The thorns can be used to draw blood. Red rose is linked to lust and passion. Pink rose is used for love and yellow rose for friendship.

Rosemary: A woody perennial herb with evergreen need like leaves and white, pink, purple or bluish flowers. Part of the mint family. It is known for helping and strengthening the brain and memory. Other uses include protection and warding off negative energy or people.

Rue: A shrub-like evergreen plant. Most powerful herb for protection, uncrossing work, to ward off evil spirits and illness.

Sage: It is a highly aromatic evergreen. It comes in loose or a bundle and is burned. It is an extremely popular and most used herb for cleansing and removing negative energy. Also used for house blessings, meditation and healing. Smudging for wisdom and protection. Burning sage does a have scent similar to marijuana.

Salt: A mineral containing Sodium Chloride. Strong psychic protection and can break hexes. Also be used to make a barrier.

Sandalwood: An Indian tree that yields timber and oil. Can be used for both positive (cleansing, blessings, sanctity, healing) or negative (curses, bindings and banishing)

Thyme: A small leaves of a low-growing aromatic plant of the mint family. Attracts loyalty, affection, and good feelings from others.

Yarrow: Plant with feathery leaves and small white, yellow, or pink aromatic flowers of the daisy family. Used in healing ointment and as well as healing, love and courage spells. Increases psychic abilities.

Most of the herbs can be found in your household pantry and be bought at a local grocery store. For the few that are a little less common you can buy them from a whole food or specialty shops or find them online.

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